This workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on the derivation
and accuracy of gaseous, stellar and total (baryons + dark matter)
masses in galaxies and M/L ratios of cosmological structures.
We also plan a celebration of the life and career of Vera Rubin
on the eve of her 81st birthday.

Note: Attendance will be limited to ~140 people
Click  here  for a copy of the workshop poster
Workshop Topics:

  • Stellar Populations
  • Galaxy Dynamics
  • Lensing, Clustering, and the Mass of Haloes
  • Local Group, Small Groups, Galaxy Clusters
  • High Redshift Universe
Scientific Organizing Committee
Stéphane Courteau (Queen's University; co-Chair)
Roelof de Jong (STScI; co-Chair)
Eric Emsellem (Université de Lyon)
Robert Kennicutt (University of Cambridge)
Claudia Maraston (University of Portsmouth)
Rachel Somerville (STScI)
Tommaso Treu (UC Santa Barbara)
Frank van den Bosch (MPIA)
Local Organizing Committee
Stéphane Courteau (Queen's University; Chair)
Melanie Hall (Queen's University)
David Hanes (Queen's University)
Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College)
Rob Thacker (Saint Mary's University)
Larry Widrow (Queen's University)
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We are proud to acknowledge partial support from Queen's University,
the Royal Military College, the Canadian Institute for Theoretical
Astrophysics, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington