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 Stéphane Courteau
Professor and Graduate Chair

Research Interests

Formation, Structure and Evolution of Galaxies
Dark Matter, Galaxy Dynamics, Scaling Relations of Galaxies
Multi-Wavelength Data, Stellar Populations, Star Formation Histories
Numerical Methods, Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
Prospective students, please read about research opportunities in my group.


Ph.D. 1992 University of California at Santa Cruz (Lick Observatory)
Thesis: Tully-Fisher Distances and Galaxy Motions in the Northern Sky
Advisor: UC University Professor Sandra M. Faber
B.Sc. 1985Université de Montréal


2012-Professor, Queen's University, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
2005-2011Associate Professor, Queen's University, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
2004-2005Assistant Professor, Queen's University, Department of Physics
1999-2003Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Department of Physics & Astronomy
1996-99NRC Research Associate, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
1993-96NOAO Fellow, Kitt Peak National Observatory
1992-93NSERC Fellow, Cornell University

Visiting Faculty (sabbatical)

2014 IAC Tenerife, Severo Ochoa Scholar
2007MPIA Heidelberg; Università di Padova

Committees and Service (outside Queen's)

2016- ACURA Board Member
2015- Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Scientific Advisory Council
2014- Gemini Large Programs Time Assignment Committee
2014-17 CASCA Director
2013-14 CASCA 2nd Vice-President
2013- Executive member of IAU Division J Steering Committee on Galaxies and Cosmology
2012 Canadian Time Assignment Committee (CanTAC) - Super Chair
2010-12 CanTAC - Extragalactic Panel Member, Chair (2011)
2006-09 Canadian ALMA Science Steering Committee (CASSC)
2006 AAS Henri Chrétien Award Prize Committee
2006 CASCA Nominating Committee
2004-05 Canadian Gemini Science Steering Committee (CGSSC)
2003-06 National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) Extra-Galactic Time Allocation Committee
2003 National Science Foundation (NSF) "Galaxy Evolution" Review Panel
2001-03 James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) Canada Time Allocation Committee
2001-03 CASCA Awards Committee
1998 Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 8 Review - Distant Galaxies Panel
1996-99 NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics Science Committee

Stéphane Courteau and PhD advisor Sandra Faber at Lick Observatory in 1991.

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