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Stéphane Courteau  --- Publications

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Selected Publications

Courteau, S., Dutton, A.A., 2015, On the Global Mass Distribution in Disk Galaxies ApJL, 801, 20

Courteau, S. et al. 2014, Galaxy Masses
Reviews of Modern Physics, 86, 47-119

Sick, J., Courteau, S., Cuillandre, J.-C., McDonald, M., de Jong, R., Tully, R.B., 2014, Andromeda (M31) Optical and Infrared Disk Survey I. Insights in Wide-Field Near-IR Surface Photometry, AJ, 147, 109

Roediger, J., Courteau, S., Graves, G., Schiavon, R.P., 2014, Constraining Stellar Population Models - I. Age, Metallicity and Abundance Pattern Compilation for Galactic Globular Clusters, ApJS, 210, 10

Roediger, J., Courteau, S., Sánchez-Blázquez, P., McDonald, M., 2012, Stellar Population Profiles and Radial Migrations in Disk Galaxies, ApJ, 425, 2741

Hall, M., Courteau, S., Dutton, A.A., McDonald, M., Zhu, Y., 2012, An Investigation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Imaging Data and Multi-Band Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies, MNRAS, 425, 2741

Beifiori, A., Courteau, S., Corsini, E.M., Zhu, Y., 2012
On the Correlations between Galaxy Properties and Supermassive Black Hole Mass MNRAS, 419 , 2497

Roediger, J., Courteau, S., MacArthur, L.A., McDonald, M., 2011, The Formation and Evolution of Virgo Cluster Galaxies - II. Stellar Populations, MNRAS, 416 , 1996

Courteau, S., Widrow, L.M., McDonald, M., et al. 2011
The Luminosity Profile and Structural Parameters of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), ApJ, 739, 20

McDonald, M., Courteau, S., Tully, R.B., & Roediger, J., 2011,
A Survey of 286 Virgo Cluster Galaxies at Optical griz and Near-IR H-band: Surface Brightness Profiles and Bulge-Disk Decompositions, MNRAS, 414, 2055

Prochaska Chamberlain, L., Courteau, S., McDonald, M., & Rose, J., 2011, The Stellar Population Trends in S0 Galaxies, MNRAS, 412, 423

MacArthur, L.A., Gonzalez, J.J., and Courteau, S. 2009
Stellar Population and Kinematic Profiles in Spiral Bulges and Discs: Population Synthesis of Integrated Spectra , MNRAS, 395, 28

McDonald,M., Courteau, S., and Tully, R.B. 2009
The Near-IR Luminosity Function and Bimodal Surface Brightness Distributions of Virgo Cluster Galaxies , MNRAS, 394, 2022

Woo, J., Courteau, S., and Dekel, A. 2008
Scaling Relations and the Fundamental Plane of the Local Group Dwarf Galaxies, MNRAS, 390, 1453

Foyle, K., Courteau, S., and Thacker, R.J., 2008
An N-body/SPH study of isolated galaxy mass density profiles, MNRAS, 386, 1821

Courteau, S., McDonald, M., Widrow, L.M., and Holtzman, J. 2007
The Bulge-Halo Connection in Galaxies: A Physical Interpretation of the Vcirc-sigma0 Relation, ApJ, 655, L21

Courteau, S., Dutton, A.A., van den Bosch, F., MacArthur, L.A., Dekel, A., McIntosh, D.H, and Dale, D.A., 2007
Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies, ApJ, 671, 203

Dutton, A.A, van den Bosch, F., Dekel, A., and Courteau, S. 2007
A Revised Model for the Formation of Disk Galaxies: Low Spin and Dark Halo Expansion, ApJ, 654, 27

Dutton, A.A, Courteau, S., de Jong, R., and Carignan, C. 2005
Mass Modeling of Disk Galaxies: Degeneracies, Constraints, and Adiabatic Contraction, ApJ, 619, 218

MacArthur, L.A., Courteau, S., Bell, E. and Holtzman, J.A. 2004
Structure of Disk Dominated Galaxies. II. Color Gradients and Stellar Populations, ApJS, 152, 175

MacArthur, L.A., Courteau, S., and Holtzman, J.A., 2003
Structure of Disk Dominated Galaxies. I. Bulge/Disk Parameters, Simulations, and Secular Evolution, ApJS, 582, 689

Courteau, S., Andersen, D., Bershady, M., MacArthur, L.A., and Rix, H.-W. 2003, The Tully-Fisher Relation of Barred Galaxies , ApJ, 594, 208

Courteau, S., Willick, J.A., Strauss, M.A., Schlegel, D. and Postman, M. 2000, Shellflow. I. The Convergence of the Velocity Field at ~6000 km/s, ApJ, 544, 636

Courteau, S. and van den Bergh, S. 1999
The Solar Motion Relative to the Local Group, AJ, 118, 337

Courteau, S. and Rix, H.-W. 1999
Maximum Disks and the Tully-Fisher Relation, ApJ, 513, 561

Courteau, S. 1997
Optical Rotation Curves and Linewidths for Tully-Fisher Applications, AJ, 114, 2402

Courteau, S. 1996
Deep r-band Photometry for Northern Spiral Galaxies, ApJS, 103, 363

Courteau, S., de Jong, R.S. and Broeils, A.H. 1996
Evidence for Secular Evolution in Late-Type Spirals , ApJL, 457, 73

Courteau, S., Faber, S.M., Dressler, A. & Willick, J.A. 1993,
Streaming Motions in the Local Universe: Evidence for Large Scale, Low Amplitude Density Fluctuations, ApJL, 412, 51

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