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Stéphane Courteau  --- Current & Past Students

Current Graduate Students

Jonathan Sick - Ph.D. Candidate
(Ph.D. 2016) Stellar Populations of the Andromeda Galaxy
(M.Sc. 2010) Infrared Imaging of the Andromeda Galaxy (ANDROIDS)

Cory Wagner - Ph.D. Candidate
(Ph.D. 2018) Strangulation of Hot Halos in Cluster Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Michael McDonald at MIT)
(M.Sc. 2014) The Evolution of Star Formation Activity in Cluster Galaxies

Colleen Gilhuly - M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2016) A Complete Photometric Analysis of CALIFA Galaxies

Nikhil Arora - M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) The Velocity Function of Virgo Cluster Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. David Hanes at Queen's University)

Christine Hall - M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) Understanding the Scatter of the Galaxy Main Sequence

Connor Stone - M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) The Dependence of Dynamical Tracers on Galaxy Properties

Former Graduate Students

Nathalie Ouellette - now in Ottawa
(Ph.D. 2016) The Scaling Relations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
(M.Sc. 2012) The Dynamical Properties of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
Nathalie's press coverage: Kingston Whig - May 23, 2012

Farid Qamar - M.Sc. 2014 - now PhD candidate at SNOLAB/Queen's Univ.
Environmental Effects on Close Galaxy Pairs in the SDSS
(co-advised by Prof. David Patton at Trent University)

Joel Roediger - M.Sc. 2009; Ph.D. 2013 - now PDF at NRC Herzberg
Ph.D. Scaling Relations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies and Galactic Globular Clusters
M.Sc. Stellar Populations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Gwendolyne Eadie - M.Sc. 2013 - now PhD candidate at McMaster Univ.
The Distribution of Dark Matter from Kinematic Tracers
(co-advised by Prof. Larry Widrow)

Alessandra Beifiori - Ph.D. 2010 - now PDF at MPE/Garching
Supermassive Black Holes and their Hosts
(co-advised by Prof. Enrico Maria Corsini at Padova)

Melanie Hall - M.Sc. 2010 - now Program Manager at Canada Science and Technology Museum
An Investigation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data and Multi-Band Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies

Leslie Prochaska Chamberlain (UNC) - Ph.D. 2009 - now Instructor/Astronomer at Saint Paul's School, NH
The Stellar Populations of S0 Galaxies
(co-advised by Prof. Jim Rose at UNC)

Michael McDonald (Queen's) - M.Sc. 2007 - now Assistant Professor at MIT
The Surface Brightness Distribution of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Kelly Foyle (Queen's) - M.Sc. 2007 - now Outreach Scientist at the Perimeter Institute
Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Density Profiles
(co-advised by Prof. Robert Thacker at SMU)

Aaron Dutton (UBC) - M.Sc. 2005 - now Research Associate at NYUAD
Mass Modeling of Disk Galaxies: Degeneracies, Constraints, and Adiabatic Contraction

Lauren MacArthur (UBC) - M.Sc. 2002; Ph.D. 2005 - now LSST Research Associate at Princeton University
Stellar Populations of Bulges and Disks in Spiral Galaxies
(2006 Plaskett Medal for Best Canadian Ph.D. Thesis in Astronomy)

Current Undergraduate Honours or Summer Students

Stephanie Lowell - SWEP (2016), USRA (2017)
The Physics of Light and Colour, Science Leadership and Management

Former Undergraduate Students

Kevin McKinnon - NSERC USRA and Honours (2017) - now at UC Santa Cruz
Photometric Investigation of the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Christine Hall - SWEP (2016) and Honours (2016) - now at Queen's University
The Star Formation Rates in Spiral Galaxies

Ella Koonar - Honours (2016)
The M/L Ratios of Late-Type Galaxies

Mie Beers - USRA (2015) - now at McGill Univ.
Python Programming for Astronomical Applications

Dana Simard - Honours (2014) - now at the Univ. of Toronto
The Mass Profile of the Andromeda Galaxy

Nathasha Urbancic - Honours (2014) - at the Univ. of Toronto
The Velocity Fields of VIVA Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Kristine Spekkens)

Yutong Shan - Honours (2013) - now at Harvard University
The Stellar Masses of Cluster Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Michael McDonald at MIT)

Shane Hills - Honours (2013) - now at Stanford University
The Multiple Populations of Galactic Globular Clusters

Clare Higgs - Honours (2012) - now at Univ. of Victoria / NRC Herzberg
M/L Ratios in Spiral Galaxies

Chris Barber - Honours (2011) - now at Leiden University
The Stellar Composition of Galactic Globular Clusters

Anneya Golob - Honours (2010) - now at Saint-Mary's University
GALFIT Decompositions of Spiral Galaxies

Yucong Zhu - Honours (2009) - Ph.D. at Harvard University
2D B/D Decompositions of Observed and Simulated Spiral Galaxies

Margaret McLean - Honours (2008) - Ph.D at Harvard University
Systematics of Model Galaxy Density Profiles and Rotation Curves

Melanie Hall - Honours (2007) - now Program Manager at Canada Science and Technology Museum
The Scaling Relations of SDSS Galaxies

Alex Walker - Honours (2007) - now at Université d'Ottawa
A Study of Dust Extinction in SDSS Galaxy Photometry

Mélanie Carrière - Honours (2006) - now Research Scientist with Government of Canada
Truncation Radii in Spiral Galaxies

Evan Canty - B.Sc. Eng. Physics (2006) - professionally employed
Design and Implementation of a Filter Wheel for Queen's Observatory
(co-supervised by Bernie Ziomkiewicz)

Michael McDonald - Honours (2005) - now Assistant Professor at MIT
The Surface Brightness Distribution of UMa Cluster Galaxies

Suresh Sivanandam - Honours (UBC 2004) - now Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto
Bulge-Disk Decompositions of Galaxy Light Profiles

Joanna Woo - (UBC 2004) - now at ETH/Zurich
The Fundamental Plane of Dwarf Galaxies

Stéphane Courteau with colleague Ricardo Schiavon and some of Stéphane's current and former students. Left to right: Nathalie Ouellette, Stéphane Courteau, Ricardo Schiavon, Melanie Hall, Jonathan Sick, Joel Roediger, Chris Barber, and Gwen Eadie. Taken at "Woodenheads" in Kingston (Oct 2010).

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