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Committees and their Reports

CASCA Committees: restructuring, mandates and terms of reference

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Awards (Homepage)
Most recent Awards Committee Report
(Archived reports)

Chair: Patrick Coté (2010-13) DAO/HIA/NRC
Members:    Michael Balogh (2010-13) Waterloo University
Pierre Bergeron (2009-12) Université de Montréal
Ken Ragan (2009-12) McGill University
Samar Safi-Harb (2011-14) University of Manitoba
Ian Short (2010-13) St Mary's University
Ethan Vishniac (2010-13) McMaster University
Jasper Wall (2010-13) UBC

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Computation and Data
Most recent Computation and Data Report
(Archived reports)

Chair: James Wadsley   (term ends 2013) McMaster University
Members:   Jonathan Dursi (term ends 2012) CITA
Jason Fiege (term ends 2012) University of Manitoba
JJ Kavelaars   (term ends 2013) HIA/NRC

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Editor: Brian Martin   
bemart1 at
Continuing at the pleasure of the Board

Most recent E-Cassiopeia Editor's Report
(Archived reports)

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Education and Public Outreach (EPO) (Homepage)

Most recent Education and Public Outreach Committee Report
(Archived reports)
(Archived IYA 2009 reports)

Chair: Dennis Crabtree (2005-13) NRC/HIA
Vice-chair: Joanne Rosvick (2005-14) Thompson Rivers University
Members: Julie Bolduc-Duval (2010-13) Cégep de Thetford
Jan Cami (2008-14) University of Western Ontario
Eric Chisholm (2010-13) NRC/HIA
James Di Francesco (2010-14) NRC/HIA
Yvan Dutil (2008-14) T3E
Louise Edwards (2008-14) Mount Allison University
Nathalie Martimbeau    (2006-12) Montréal Planetarium
Peter Newbury    (2009-12) University of British Columbia
Gordon Sarty (2008-14) University of Saskatchewan
Ian Short    (2009-13) St. Mary's University
ex-officio:    Leslie Sage
ex-officio:    Heather Theijsmeijer
Board Representative: Marcin Sawicki St. Mary's University

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Graduate Students (Homepage)
Most recent Graduate Student Committee Report
(Archived reports)

Chair: Nathan Deg Queen's University
Secretary: Alexandre David-Uraz Université de Montréal
Education Com. rep.  
Members: Hannah Broekhoven-Fiene University of Victoria
Rob Cockcroft McMaster University
Jason Grunhut RMC
Sukhpreet Guram University of Calgary
Scott Jones University of Lethbridge
Stephanie Keating University of Toronto
Gibion Makiwa University of Lethbridge
Sarah Malek University of Western Ontario
Aaron Maxwell University of Victoria
Todd McKenzie University of British Columbia
Ismael Moumen Université Laval
Jesse Rogerson York University
Jonathan Tyler McGill University
Theresa Wiegert University of Manitoba
Michael Zamfir McGill University

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Ground-based Astronomy. Committee (GAC)
Most recent Ground-based Astronomy Committee Report
(Archived reports)

Chair:   Tim Davidge (2009-13) HIA / NRC
Members:  Jo-Anne Brown 2009-12 University of Calgary
John Hutchings (2009-13) HIA / NRC
Roland Kothes (2009-13) DRAO
Kristine Spekkens (2011-14) Royal Military College
Kenneth Tapping    DRAO, continuing member, spectrum management
Kim Venn (2009-12) University of Victoria
Ludo van Waerbeke (2011-14) University of British Columbia
Tracy Webb    (2009-12) McGill University

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Heritage Resources
Most recent Heritage Committee Report
(Archived reports)

Chair: Elizabeth Griffin (2009-12) HIA/NRC
Members:  Randall Brooks (2009-12) Canada Science and Technology Museum
Paul Feldman (2009-12) HIA/NRC
Richard Jarrell (2008-12) York University
Nathalie Martimbeau    (2010-13) Harvard University
Ian Shelton (2011-14) Mt Allison University
David Turner (2009-12) Saint Mary's University

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Chair: Gregg Wade    (CASCA Treasurer)    RMC
Members:    Martin Connors (2008-12) Athabasca University
Sergey Maschenko    (2008-14) McMaster University
John Rice (2008-12) Brandon University

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Joint Committee on Space Astronomy (Homepage)

Informational website for JCSA
Most recent JCSA Report
(Archived reports)
CSA Discipline Working Group reports:

Chair: Laura Ferrarese (2009-12) HIA/NRC
Members: Luigi Gallo (2010-13) Saint Mary's University
David Lafreniere    (2011-14) Université de Montréal
David Naylor (2011-14) University of Lethbridge
Brian McNamara (2009-12) University of Waterloo
Laura Parker (2011-14) McMaster University
ex-officio:    Alain Berinstain CSA
Samir Boughaba NSERC
Jean Dupuis CSA
Denis Laurin CSA
Greg Fahlman    Director General of HIA
Gilles Joncas CASCA President
David Kendall Director General, Space Science Program, CSA

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LRP Implementation Committee (LRPIC) .
Most recent LRPIC Report

Chair:   John Hutchings    (2011-13) NRC/HIA
Members:    Michael Balogh    (2011-13) University of Waterloo
Gilles Joncas    (2011-12) Université Laval
Brian McNamara    (2011-13) University of Waterloo
Ingrid Stairs   (2012-14) University of British Columbia
LRPP Representative: Rob Thacker    (2011-12) Saint Mary's University
Observers: Tim Davidge    NRC/HIA
Greg Fahlman   NRC/HIA
Laura Ferrarese    NRC/HIA
Alain Oullet    CSA

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Most recent Nominating Committee Report
(Archived reports)

This committee finds candidates and prepares a slate of candidates for the election of the officers of the Society. According to the bylaws, the Chair of the committee is the Past President. The two members are renewed annually.

Chair:   Paul Hickson    (2011-12) UBC
Members:    Sara Ellison    (2012) University of Victoria
Sarah Gallagher    (2012) University of Western Ontario

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