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R.M. Petrie Prize Lecture
The Petrie Lecture is an invited discourse by an outstanding astrophysicist which is held at Annual Meetings of the Society in alternate years, in memory of the significant contributions to astrophysical research by the late Robert M. Petrie. The Petrie Lecture originated under the auspices of the Canadian Committee for the IAU, prior to the existence of the Society, and was revived by the Society in 1977 as a regular event. Nominations for the Petrie Lecture can be made by submitting the name of a nominee to the Awards committee at any time. Nominations for the 2013 Lecturer should be received by January 15, 2013.

Petrie Lecturers to date have been:

1970A. G. W. CameronThe Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy
1971Jesse L. GreensteinPre-White Dwarf Evolution
1971C. S. BealsForms of Impact Craters Related to the Thermal History of the Lunar Surface
1977J. Beverly Oke Seyfert Galaxies and Quasars
1979Geoffrey BurbidgeThe Redshift Problem
1981Hubert ReevesLa Physique des Premiers Temps de l'Univers
1983M. J. PlavecStrongly Interacting Binary Stars
1985Charles TownesThe Galactic Centre
1987Henry MatthewsC3H2 - A New Probe of the Interstellar Medium
1989P. J. E. PeeblesTracing the Orbits of Galaxies back in Time
1991P. B. StetsonProgress in CCD Photometry
1993Maarten SchmidtFrom Galactic Structure to Quasars
1995George HerbigIC 349 - Barbardís Merope Nebula
1997Alex FilippenkoSupernovae and their Cosmological Implications
1999Sidney van den BerghThe Local Group of Galaxies
2001James GunnThe Sloan Digital Survey
2003Sir Martin ReesHow Did the Cosmic Dark Age End?
2005Reinhard GenzelMassive Black Holes in Galaxies
2007Ewine van DishoeckSpitzer observations of star- and planet-forming regions from ice cold to steaming hot
2009Scott TremaineStellar dynamics at the centres of galaxies
2011 Andrew Fabian Within one gravitational radius of the event horizon of a black hole

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