Judith A. Irwin

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Office: Rm 308E Stirling Hall
TEL: (613) 533-2717
FAX: (613) 533-6463
Email: irwin (at) astro.queensu.ca
Dr. Irwin's 2014 WINTER SCHEDULE
UGC10288 with background radio source "UGC10288 with background radio source. Press Release"

Recent publication:
"CHANG-ES. III. UGC 10288, An Edge-on Galaxy with a Background Double-lobed Radio Source", Irwin et al. 2013, AJ, 146, 164
For survey information, see the CHANG-ES home page .

Textbook for upper level undergraduates
Astrophysics --- Decoding the Cosmos and Companion website

BELOW LEFT: False-colour view of the Orion Nebula, taken using the 16-inch Ellis Hall Telescope on Queen's University Campus, Kingston, and FLI 1024X1024 CCD. BELOW RIGHT: Link to the Astronomy Picture of the Day

Orion Nebula 2 The Orion Nebula Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy Picture of the Day

I have spent sabbatical leaves at CEA/Saclay, France, (Paris Photos) and at NCRA in Pune, India, home of the GMRT. (India Photos)
Here are some GMRT the GMRT results on NGC 3079 NGC 3079 from the GMRT
Nobel Prizes in Physics related to Astronomy (1900 - 2011)

Graduate Students and Alumni:

Amanda Desouza (MSc, active), Jacques Beland (MSc, 2014, joint with Trent University), Jeremy MacHattie (MSc, 2013), Jeremy Durelle (MSc, 2011), Heather Kennedy (MSc 2009), Tara Parkin (MSc 2008), Guillaume Rivest (MSc 2007), Cyndi Whaley (MSc 2007), Dr. Sabine McConnell (PhD, 2006), Dr. Rupinder Brar (PhD, 2005), Tara Mowery, nee Chaves (MSc, 2001), Dr. Siow Wang Lee (PhD, 1998), Brian Frei (MSc, 1997), Denise King, nee Giguere (MSc, 1996), Barkat Sorathia (MSc, 1994).

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Dr. Theresa Wiegert, Dr. Jayanne English (now Professor at the University of Manitoba), Dr. Jeroen Stil (now Professor at the University of Calgary)

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